The Rotwandter Hof has been family-owned since 1778 and is now managed by the 7th generation of the Zippl family. In 2000, the farm was certified by the Province of South Tyrol as a "heritage farm".
In earlier times, around 1800, farming and cattle breeding were practiced on the farm, and the "kaife" (productive, rich) Ritten grain had a good reputation and always fetched the best price at the grain market in Bozen.
Moreover, the farmers of Ritten sold their fattened cattle and the dairy calves to the butchers of Bozen.
Later, dairy farming was practiced but grain continued to be cultivated. In the 1970s holiday apartments were already rented out.
In 2000, the senior farmer Franz Josef completely switched from cattle farming to apple and cherry cultivation.
In 2020 Florian and his wife Daniela took over the farm and in 2022-23 and renovated the upper floors of the old farmhouse using wood from their own forest.

Our farm diversity:

Since our farm is located at a very favorable altitude (740m), we have a rich and varied fruit year that ranges from cherries, apricots, figs, plums to walnuts, chestnuts and apples.


We heat with wood chips from the wood of our forests, the photovoltaic system provides us with electricity and the solar system with hot water.
Our orchards are irrigated with water from our catch basin. The renovation of the upper floors in 2022/23 was completely rebuilt with wood from fallen trees from our own pine forest. Flori himself fetched it from the forest and had it processed into glue laminated beams/panels by a local company. All craftsmen come from the nearby area and as a trained carpenter Flori did not miss the opportunity to be present at every step of the construction from the very beginning. Most of the furniture in the apartments come from Flori's hands and the wood from the farm.
During construction, almost exclusively natural and sustainable materials were used, such as wood, clay or lime. The facade, for example, is made of lime plaster with small red shimmering porphyry stones. Thus, two new holiday apartments in the new wooden structure have been lovingly created, as well as a holiday apartment on the lower floor, with the charm of times gone by.

The farm inhabitants and hosts:

  • Flori the farmer, passionate beekeeper, woodworm (carpenter) and mountaineer.
  • Dani the farmer's wife, the good soul of the house.
  • Simon the little, wild farmer boy.
  • Sofie the nestling.
  • Franz Josef, the senior farmer, mostly found by the apple and cherry trees and otherwise on the road with the e-bike.
  • Grandma Martha and Grandma Helga, who are often at the farm and help wherever it’s needed.
  • Momo the Border Collie, who likes to play with every little stick.
  • Ludi and Frieda, the sheep with offspring who spend their summer vacations on the pastures of the Rittner Horn.
  • 15 Bielefeld chickens that lay fresh eggs every day and not to forget the busy bees who provide us with delicious honey.
We all love and appreciate the place where we live very much!

Culinary delights:

Help yourself to our fresh herbs from our garden to spice up your dishes.
In our trust corner at the entrance to the apartments you will find fresh eggs from our hens and fruit and vegetables depending on the season.
In the farm folder you will also find information about restaurants, pizzerias, ”Buschenschänke” and grocery stores in the vicinity.
We are also happy to advise you personally where to eat well or which dishes, products or wines you must try in South Tyrol.

Coziness at the farm:

If you want to relax after all the adventures then just sit under the walnut tree or walk a little through the sheep pasture to our ancient chestnut trees, sit in the field and enjoy the view of the beautiful area.
Or take a leisurely walk from the farm to the adjacent forest up the hill to the Verena chapel, an enchanting spot with breathtaking views of the Schlern.